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For certain syndromes and disease, Herbal Medicine will be the most effective therapy.
In Chinese Medicine, we use plants, minerals, and animal substances that the body assimilates through its digestive, respiratory, and cutaneous tissues.  The medicines I use in my clinic come from all over Korea, China and are of exceptional high quality.  I am very selective, ensuring that the herbs I use do not have preservatives or chemicals, and that they have not been irradiated or fumigated.
When an herbal formula is prescribed, it is specifically designed to fit the condition of the patient.  Herbal formulas are not generic like western drugs.  For example, aspirin or tylenol are drugs used for most headaches, no matter what the cause or quality.  These drugs may mask the symptoms and bring temporary relief; however they do not prevent the recurrence of future headaches. Herbal formulas are designed to treat the symptoms and the root cause.  The objective is to prevent future recurrences. Herbal medicine is all natural and not synthetic which is good for your body overall.  Careful consideration is made to ensure that the herbs prescribed to you are best suited for your condition, and that they do not interfere with any pharmaceutical drugs or supplements you are taking.
An herbal formula is compiled of anywhere between two to sometimes fifteen different herbs.  When you take the herbs home, you will boil them into a tea.  Sometimes the tea will taste good, and sometimes maybe not, but it’s good for you!!  Patent medicines are also available.
Herbal Medicine not only uses the active ingredients in plants, but the entire plant, offering a synergistic effect. This is one reason why herbal medicine has far fewer side effects than medications. Herbs work in the body as super-charged nutrition. They are food, plus the active ingredients needed to improve your body’s own function, giving you more resources to heal. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used medicinal plants for thousands of years. We use them singly and in combination to treat multiple symptoms. Chinese Herbal Medicine at Plus Acupuncture & Herbs perform three basic functions in the body:
They help remove something unhealthy from your system. For example, when you have a cold, herbs are used to clear virus, phlegm, fever, etc.
They make a weakness stronger. If your body has trouble fighting off that cold, we use herbs to strengthen the immune system and reduce your chances off getting sick.
Say you crave spicy foods, but every time you eat them you get acid reflux. This means you have two competing health concerns: on one hand you tend to run cold, which is why you crave spice, but on the other hand you have too much heat in your stomach, which is why you get reflux. We would use herbs in this case, to reduce inflammation in your digestive system and warm you up overall. This will create harmony inside the body, allowing you to eat spicy foods without the upset, but not crave them all the time either.