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Plus Acupuncture & Herbs.  In Chinese philosophy, man is seen as a bridge or conduit between the heavens and earth. The word 'Qi' encompasses our life force and beyond.  Plus Acupuncture & Herbs celebrates the interconnectedness to our surroundings for harmony of body, mind and spirit.  Plus Acupuncture & Herbs is a place that promotes abundance.  We believe in total patient care by being your primary health provider, utilizing Chinese Medicine as the foundation and complementing our treatment protocol with your western medical doctors.  We believe in integrative medicine and most importantly we aim to bring out that immense power within you to heal.

Plus Acupuncture & Herbs
Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic

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Welcome To Plus Acupuncture Health Cares

‚ÄčAt Plus Acupuncture we are extremely passionate about natural and holistic medicine: the concepts of treating the body as a whole rather than a machine made by the sum of individual parts, treating the root of a problem rather than just the symptom, the fact that our bodies are being directly and constantly influenced by the most subtle environmental influences, the power of prevention, and the importance of harmony between mind body and spirit.   We strive to bring more health awareness into peoples lives and make a difference in your well-being.  We offer a full range of safe, time-tested healing modalities including acupuncture, herbal therapy, massage, nutrition, cupping and electrical stimulation.